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Our neighbor is inside the emergency room. He had recently lost his motor vehicle to carjackers. Lance attempted battling them off, however was poorly prepared to accomplish so. We picked up 2 others had fallen victim to possibly the similar motor vehicle criminals a couple of weeks previously. The instant I got wind of the reports concerning Lance, I recalled my bro inside Ohio who had shared with me about security sets. I recollect him declaring each one is a group of security gadgets assembled by industry professionals for certain utilizations. Rod had purchased another thing, yet did bring up the SafeFamilyLife Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit as one of them. Not all people can or will study to offer protection to themselves and also others when confronted with risky scenarios. The second best means to not be powerless the minute in danger would be to possess useful products available for personal defense. Apart from those for automobiles, you will find security packages for houses as well as workplaces, or for college children as well as females, each with meticulously selected items intended at giving protection to person as well as property versus wrongdoers. A video training for every item is provided as well as special security reports with very useful info concerning how to keep safe, based on your problem. With the motor vehicle safety package, you can gather a ton of tips, from 'Car-Jacking Prevention and also Plan of Action' to 'What You Need to Know About Parking Lot Safety'. Two of the provided special gadgets are the diversion safe masqueraded as an engine degreaser canister and the motor vehicle emergency device, the latter for vehicle emergencies. This special purpose package even possesses a nap alarm system, flashlight with 9 LEDs, 1/2 ounce self-defense spray with visor clip for quick access, and also 1/2 ounce self-defense spray with key ring. I was really thrilled to get the set, and pored over the reading resources. The guides were incredibly valuable in acquainting me with the devices. And I certainly loved the security reports. I must tell Lance as well as the other neighbors regarding the Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit, as well.